The international music industry encountered a new force to reckon with going under the name of Delyno, DJ / producer / composer and singer from Romania that, for two years, conquered the Greece with the hit "Ether Party", his first production under this project, 100% created by him. In 2010, he became famous with more hit songs, thus being nominated, the most original DJ from Romania.

Tops & Productions

There is a long list of old and recent successes that required lots of work and a life dedicated to music started with "Ether Party", his first song created 100% from his own sounds. This real hit was made in autumn of 2008, next year, conquering the Greece. Delyno was one of the first Romanian producers and DJs that was highly broadcasted in this beautiful country. The special voice on the top of the song was Relly. The years 2009, 2010, 2011, the song was no 1 or top 10 in most radios, in several countries. Also in 2009 he received a special invitation by MTV Splash to participate in a show in club Super Paradise, Mykonos, where he played next to Nikos Ganos and Claydee Lupa and where Djs like David Guetta, Martin Solveig, Axwell, Armin Van Buuren played. Gradually, the success expanded into territories like: Turkey, being compilations and licensed in: Italy, Bulgaria, USA, New York (Ether Party Event), Poland, Germany, Dubai, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon and so on..

Compilations like:
Sapphire bosphorus (2009 - 2010)
VA Mykonos (2009 - 20010)
Diamond - Ether Party Album (2012)

In the summer of 2010, Delyno returned with something new, original, innovative, which earned him a success over the world on radios, TV, clubs, fashion magazines. A big hit, "Private Love", with a special voice, discovered and prepared by him. After this song, hits flowed like water following: "Let me feel you", "More and More", "One Love", "Billion". Have had much publicity in U.K ,U.S.A, Mexico appeared in the Magazine 128 and UP.


Besides his solo successes in music, Delyno was part of a band at the beginning composed by three members with the voice of Tyna Cat. The project has been called "Sugarush" with their first song "Summer Things" which aired heavily on radios. At the end of year, he attend a music composition contest online Battle of Songs, ranked number 2 out of 300 competitors, with the song "My Way". After participating in this band, Delyno started a project who would win the hearts of many people "Park Place". The songs that have established this project were: "I have the world" and "Out of time". Sound design As samples producer, in 2008 / 2009, he created 5 sample packs that reached highest positions on samples top on Trackitdown, for a long period.

About Delyno

Born on 7 February 1981, in Paunesti, Romania, on his real name Ionut Murgoci, he attended a normal school profile. Although teachers said he had inclination towards music and urging him to pursue a music school profile. His desire to give something to people has resulted in the choice of another high school, wanting to become a doctor. He gone to a profile of chemistry - biology. After the high school he chose to take piano lessons in Italy, making a DJ school and shortly he started taking lessons of sound engineering. Returned to Romania he followed the Academy of Showbiz, them he knew Edward Circota (author of the hit Tornero of Eurovision), whose studio, has developed the composition and music production skills and learned to look at music in terms of quality.